The facility, which opened in 2018, provides several services for Canadian women, including:

  • A 24-hour crisis line
  • Short-term housing
  • Childcare services
  • Private counseling
  • Language instruction

One of the goals of the Calgary YWCA is to ensure women using the facility always have a clean and healthy environment.

“This is essential. A clean, healthy facility convey a message this YWCA wants sounded loud and clear, and that is that they respect and value these women and want to help them in any way they can.  The more we have worked with this fine organization, the more impressed we become with all that it offers,” says Marc Ferguson, vice president of global sales for Kaivac

Kaivac has a long history of helping worthy organizations, such as Easter Seals, as well as hiring workers with disabilities.

It is best known for developing the No-Touch Cleaning system, designed so that cleaning professionals do not have to “touch” soiled fixtures or surfaces.

Today, the company has developed a separate brand of cleaning tools designed specifically to clean and maintain floors. These are also used at the Calgary Y as well as at Target and Walmart stores throughout North America.

“Like so many organizations, the Calgary Y is struggling to make ends meet,” Ferguson notes. “For those looking to make  contributions to a worthy organization, the Calgary Y is certainly one to consider.”

More information about the Calgary Y is available by visiting

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About the Calgary YWCA

YWCA Calgary is the largest and longest serving women’s organization in Calgary. For more than a century, we have touched tens of thousands of lives and have continually evolved our programming to meet the changing needs of women in the community. For more information, visit

About Kaivac, Inc.

Kaivac delivers science-based cleaning systems designed to produce healthy results and outcomes while raising the value of cleaning operations and the professionalism of the worker. For more information, visit

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